Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Vote for the 2014 #MarchFatness #EATlite 8 now!

The bracket is set for the EATlite 8 of #MarchFatness 2014 and the voting is now live. Make sure to vote or your favorite will not advance and it will be your fault. Vote below or tweet your votes with #MarchFatness!

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The 2014 #MarchFatness EATlite 8 is official

Round one of #MarchFatness is over and the people have spoken. It was upset city as half of the lower seeds advanced to the EATlite 8. Here are the results:

#4 Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger upsets #1 McDouble
#3 Taco Supreme upsets #2 Subway Meatball

#1 Spicy Chicken Sandwich over #4 Filet-O-Fish
#3 Angus Three Cheese & Bacon upsets #2 Big Mac

#1 Baconator over #4 Big Buford
#2 Beef N Cheddar over #3 Monster Thickburger

#1 Whopper over #5 Subway BMT
#3 BK Original Chicken upsets #2 Chick-Fil-A Sandwich


Monday, March 24, 2014

Vote for 2014 #MarchFatness Round One

The bracket is set for Round one of #MarchFatness 2014 and the voting is now live. Make sure to vote or your favorite will not advance and it will be your fault. Vote below or tweet your votes with #MarchFatness!

Voting for this round has ended. Thanks!

#MarchFatness 2014 Bracket Round One is set

The Play-in Round results:
#4 Jr Bacon Cheeseburger defeats #5 DQ Chicken Fingers w/ gravy
#4 Filet-O-Fish defeats #5 Sonic Footlong Cheese Coney
#4 Big Buford defeats #5 KFC Bucket
#5 Italian BMT upsets #4 Sonic Burger

The play-in matchups have been completed and round one of the 2014 #MarchFatness bracket has been set. There wasn't as much drama as the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament had in its first weekend. Three of the higher-seeded teams from the play-in round advanced as expected, while the 5-seed Italian BMT from Subway was able to upset the 4-seed Sonic Burger to move into the first round where it has an unenviable matchup with the 1-seed Whopper.

While all the matchups are quite tasty, there are some very intriguing contests as well.

Starting at the top of the bracket, we have the number one overall seed McDouble from McDonald's going up against the 4-seed Jr Bacon Cheeseburger from Wendy's. Both of these sandwiches are staples on each restaurant's respective value menus. Can the Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger garner enough votes to pull of one of the biggest upsets in food history?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Arizona Diamondbacks unveil the D-Bat Dog, a behemoth 18-inch, $25 corndog

from ESPN story
The Arizona Diamondbacks are not messing around at the concession stand this years. They have plans to roll out the D-bat Dog, according to ESPN's Darren Rovell.

This is an 18-inch corndog stuff with cheese, bacon, and jalapenos served with a side of fries. You can own and devour your very own D-Bat Dog for just $25. If you're going to go to a game, why wouldn't you get one of these delicious treats?

No word yet on if you have to call 911 on your own or if there is a specialized team staffer who will do this for you when you undoubtedly go into cardiac arrest.

#MarchFatness 2014 Bracket

Bracket generated by the good people at PrintYourBrackets.com

Voting for the "Play-in Rounds" begins right now and runs through March 19th. There are three ways to vote:

1) Look to your right and vote for your favorite food in the polls.
2) Take to Twitter and simply tweet your favorite food with #MarchFatness. Only tweets with #MarchFatness will be counted. You can mention @itsthefoodcourt if you like.
3) Comment your favorite food below (and why if you want).

Vote as many times as you want.

Pizza Hut gives you a reason to root for "winged" teams during March Madness

Pizza Hut has come up with a promotion which is borderline genius. It's the Winged Mascot Giveaway. It's pretty simple. If one of the teams with a "winged" nickname or mascot, wins the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship on April 7th, everyone in America will get free wings from WingStreet. The catch is that you have to show up at Pizza Hut on April 10th from 1-4pm local time in order to partake and you get but a mere four wings. The wait might now be worth the while, but then again, it's free wings, so why not?

According to Scott Van Pelt who has partnered with Pizza Hut in this promotion there are 12 "winged" teams in the tournament field. In case you were wondering, the "winged" teams, and their seeds, with the best chance to get you free WingStreet wings from Pizza Hut are as follows:

2 Kansas Jayhawks
3 Creighton Bluejays
4 Louisville Cardinals

Louisville of course won last year and is a popular choice to defend its title.